Eight Off

Eight Off is similar to Baker's Dozen, named after the mathematician C.L. Baker and a precursor to the more popular FreeCell.

Build from Aces to Kings in suit on the empty stacks with circle (object stacks).

On the eight main stacks, you can build downward in suit. Only the topmost card of one of these stacks can be dragged. This card can be dragged to another stack, to an object stack or to one of the eight empty stacks (free cells) in the left and right. A free cell is a stack on wich you can temporary place one card. Any card may be placed on top of an empty main stack.

It is possible to drag more than one card if enough free cells are available.

Eight Off is a great game to play by yourself. If you like more interactive or multi-player card games this guide to various online casino games lists several good ones you can try. Blackjack, baccarat and Pai Gow are all fun card games worth giving a try. They include an extensive guide for Poker which many people love to play. If you want to add a twist you can try Caribbean stud which is a popular variation of poker.